zaterdag 30 oktober 2010

Yes! I have 50 followers!
This makes me feel very happy;-)
So very Welcome: Linda from Linda's miniature musings

I'm sure I am going to have a Give away when I reach a 100!

dinsdag 26 oktober 2010


I have some new followers:
Lorraine Escapita from dollhouseminisbydfly
Helen from HelenLovesCashmere(Tabitha's House of Trinkets)
Susan from Minicrochetmad
and Heleni from Très Petit Blanc

Welcome and enjoy my blog!

Christmasbox update

Went shopping last week and bought some wonderfull (wall)paper for my christmas box.

Painted the lid and the stove pipe.
Now first have to make the floor before I can put in the wallpaper.

dinsdag 19 oktober 2010

Gruesome find and swap anyone?

Last summer I was in the park with my sister and our children. On the way back we walked on the path that was intended for mopeds and bicycle's because that was easyer for the babypram.
And then my little daughter did a creepy find. On the pad there were several miniature frogs; flattened by the mopeds and dried by the sun. My sister was feeling sick to her stomach but I couldn't resist; I had to have some. I picked up two (now wish I had been braver and taken more;-) and brought them home with me. They have been in a jar on my shelf the whole time, but as I decided I would make a witchhouse I rembered them again. So now the one on the right is going to be framed and hung on the mantelpiece and the one on the left I am willing to swap. (he is approximately 2 inches long) So who wants to swap with me for something witchy for my witchhouse? Just let me know!


Welcome to 4 new followers: Margriet, Ingesfairyland, Margaret and Beatriz Fernandez

maandag 18 oktober 2010

What am I working on

I thought I'de give you an update on what I'm currently working on.
When I got the miniature virus a few years ago, I started project after project because I really liked everything I saw. But most off them are now collecting dust standing unfinished in my workroom. But I used the last few weeks very well and organized everything. Made a (way too long;-) list of what I now like and still want to make, put all remaining U.F.O's away for later and selected two items to finish.

The first is a Christmas hatbox.
Our carpenter (we own a Multimate; DIY/construction store;-) made this wonderful box for me

and I allready collected and made some Christmas things

My brother helped me make a new pipe for the stove, that I have to paint now.
Still a lot to do, but it's not Christmas yet, so maybe I'll be able to finish something in time for once;-)

The second project is gonna take a lot longer and will be a witch house. Hugely inspired by several blogs with witchy things and houses, I decided that the greenhouse, I had for a while but didn't realy like, will do perfectly for that. I removed all the plants and table's that were in it and it will now become the house of Mandolyn Fairlady, a very nice witch who loves to help people with her homemade potions, ointments and tea's for which she grows all sorts of mysterious plants.

The fireplace (almost ready) was made by my brother whom I accidentally infected with the miniature virus. He is now making a tudor house from scratch for himself. If you're interested you can watch it overhere: Even though he does not have much free time, he likes to come over and help me with making miniatures every now and then.

donderdag 14 oktober 2010


Four more followers: Welcome!!!

They are: Julie Lawton from Cottage Kitty Miniatures
Ascension from Ascension-mis miniaturas
Kitty from MinisByKitty
and Victoria from Dark Squirrel's Miniature

And today some old picures of cake's and pie's that I've made in the past:

maandag 11 oktober 2010

It's a Girl

My sister-in-law had a babygirl last saturday, so I thought I would show
you some pictures of baby miniatures that I've made in the past.

zondag 10 oktober 2010


A warm Welcome to some new followers!
They are: Peggy, Sonia (Tink), and Sonya Rotella

zaterdag 9 oktober 2010

Something old...

Sinds I don't have much new things to show until my hand is healed, i'll be posting some pictures of stuff that I made in the past. Today some miniatures that I've made for the dollhouse animals.