maandag 23 augustus 2010

New followers

A warm welcome to five more new followers:
Marivigano, Marleen, Jody, Carol and Lara.

donderdag 19 augustus 2010


Today the stiches(sutures?) of my broken hand surgery were removed. I have to start using it more and more from now on, but it still hurts a lot to use the muscles:-(
So no new miniatures to show yet, but... I have some new followers! They are: Marina (Casa de Bonecas), Núria, Janice, Sylvia and Marion. Welcome!!!
Marion has a chicken as her avatar and that reminded me of a miniature a once made because it was a childrens rocking....chicken:-)

woensdag 18 augustus 2010

My childhood bedroom

I'm working on a corner of my childhood bedroom.
The oudside still needs work, but the inside is nearly finished. I only have to make two drawers under the bed in which I kept my toys and stuff.

I also made an attempt to make my childhood stuffed dog in 1:12 scale and if I say so myself;
I'm pleased with the result.
But I also used to have a knitted doll Jan Klaassen and that was too difficult for me.
Luckely I know someone who is absolutely amazing at knitting. It's Nella from

So i send her a little picture of me and my doll:

and asked if she could copy it.
Believe it or not, yesterday I received an envelope and a card with inside:

My very own Jan Klaassen!
Mind you he is only 6 cm (2 inch and a little) tall...ehh...small:-)
Isn't he amazing?
And it was a happy get together with Snuffie the stuffed dog!

dinsdag 17 augustus 2010

My first follower(s)

My first followers!
(three already and I haven't even placed one picture yet LOL)
They are Lisette, Sabiha and Karin. Welcome to you! Lisette because you were the very first, a little something is coming your way :-)

zondag 15 augustus 2010


A brand new blog!
I was infected with the miniature-virus a couple of years ago.
Last year I hit a block though, can you start too enthousiastically? I had made many miniatures and also sold several, but it was not what I wanted. After a while I realized it was because I didn't do it for my own pleasure but to please other people. So this holliday I decided I would start all over again and only make things that I like and have a purpose for. I made a (very long;-) list of things I wanted to make and had just started on the first item when I broke my hand ;-(
But I will be "back in bussines" in a few weeks (I hope) so I already started to build this new blog.
I also have two dutch blogs; one for my paper- and scrap hobby and a dutch miniature blog that will be similar to this one.
I hope i'll be able to post frequently and that you will enjoy and be inspired by what I make.
(And please forgive any language mistakes I make; I'm Dutch;-)