donderdag 26 mei 2011

Fire ready

Well my witch has her fire. So she can now use her fireplace.

You can't see it in the pictures but it realy flickers, looks so cozy!

Also painted the floor as you can see. Yes, there's some progress ;-)
Mandolyn (my witch) can be content.

vrijdag 20 mei 2011

Witch moved in

Today my Witch moved into her witch house.
She arrived in a very good mood...

even had some fresh picked mushrooms with her,
that she wanted to cook for diner.

But that all changed as soon as she entered the door...

What??? How can I live here? It's not finished, it's empty!

Where can I sleep, where do I brew my potions and prepare my ointments?

Where do I leave all my stuff and my plants that arrive next week?

No, she was not pleased!!!
I'm afraid I got myself a very demanding witch.
Well, perhaps that's a good thing, maybe I need some one to push me every now and then to finish something, in this case; a witch house.
She told me that she wanted a fire first thing, because a witch needs her fire to brew stuff, so I'm off to go make a fire now;-)

dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Bean stew

After the creepy eyeball stews, I wanted to make something more tasteful ;-)
So I made these delicious bean stews. can almost smell them.

vrijdag 13 mei 2011

Witches stew

Yesterday I made two cauldrons from polymer clay and filled them with a creepy witches brew of tiny bones, eyeballs don't wanna know what else ;-)

And today I'm working on a witchdoll. My witchhouse has been standing empty and still unfinished, but I bought a (very cheap) witch doll and I'm transforming her today so that she's ready to move into my witch house.

dinsdag 10 mei 2011

More Mandrake's

Today I made some more mandrake's. They come with a book about mandrake's. They will be in my etsy shop this evening.

maandag 2 mei 2011

10 % off !!!

The May issue of A.I.M. magazine is out, and....I'm in it! miniatures, that is;-)

My Mushroom prepboards (two of them already sold, the other two still available in my etsy shop!) and my Dragon table (also still available) are shown and I'm so happy!!

To celebrate I offer all my followers 10% off any purchase from my etsy shop during the month of May. Just use this coupon code:


A.I.M. Magazine May edition Out Now!