dinsdag 15 mei 2012

BJD Tink

A few weeks ago, a whole new world opened up for me, the world of BJD's (ball jointed dolls)
I purchased two dolls: a buyl; Hermine and a Dal; Phoebe.
 I was looking around the internet to find a Pullip, when I found a perfect little bjd of only 12 cm instead.
That was much more suitable to my dollhouse hobby of course! 
And I was lucky enough to be able to buy her.
She arrived in a pink little box. Isn't she cute?

Well no, actually she looks like a little alien, but I'm planning on making her very cute :-)
 I already bought three little wigs for her.

Now I have to find her some eyes and then I have to do her make-up.

I also thought of a name for her. She's gonna be named TINK.
Short for tinkerbell, because she is going to be a cute little girl who like's to invent things, 
stick her nose into things, have a mind of her own
and a bit of a temper now and then :-)