donderdag 27 oktober 2011

Mandrake table

Back again;-)
After I sent the give-away's I had a lovely holiday week with my family.
I did take my polymer clay with me, so I could make some miniatures,
knowing there was an oven in the house we went to.
In between the chatting, swimming, reading and doing absolutely
nothing, I made some wonderful items.
(My brother also gave it a go and made a beautiful Ent,
that I will show in a later post)
I made potionbottle's and dragon eggs to take to the fair nov.27th.

And when I came home I finally finished my mandrake table:

I still think it is a bit to neat and empty, but what do you think?
Should a add something or leave it this way?
I really would love to hear!

maandag 10 oktober 2011

Give-away Winners!!!!!

So here are the winners of my Give-away.
I used a random number generator to pick two numbers for me:

Number 23 and 17.
Unfortunaly number 17 did not post about my give-away on her blog,
so I did another draw...

Number 3.

So Congratulations Valéria and Drora!!!!

Valéria: please sent me your adress and tell me if you want a Witchy
miniature or a Christmas miniature!
Drora: also please sent me your adres so you can get the other miniature.

Again: Congratulations and thanks for a nice Give-away!

vrijdag 7 oktober 2011

Last day to enter my Give-away

Just a reminder:
this is the last day you can enter my birthday give-away.
See post below.