zondag 15 augustus 2010


A brand new blog!
I was infected with the miniature-virus a couple of years ago.
Last year I hit a block though, can you start too enthousiastically? I had made many miniatures and also sold several, but it was not what I wanted. After a while I realized it was because I didn't do it for my own pleasure but to please other people. So this holliday I decided I would start all over again and only make things that I like and have a purpose for. I made a (very long;-) list of things I wanted to make and had just started on the first item when I broke my hand ;-(
But I will be "back in bussines" in a few weeks (I hope) so I already started to build this new blog.
I also have two dutch blogs; one for my paper- and scrap hobby and a dutch miniature blog that will be similar to this one.
I hope i'll be able to post frequently and that you will enjoy and be inspired by what I make.
(And please forgive any language mistakes I make; I'm Dutch;-)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hoi Marieke,

    Nou dat is niet best van je hand....ik hoop dat het snel beter met je gaat en dat je ons kan laten zien wat je allemaal voor moois maak!


  2. Hallo Marieke,

    Beterschap en ik hoop dat je snel wat van je mini's kan laten zien!

    Groetjes, Karin.