woensdag 18 augustus 2010

My childhood bedroom

I'm working on a corner of my childhood bedroom.
The oudside still needs work, but the inside is nearly finished. I only have to make two drawers under the bed in which I kept my toys and stuff.

I also made an attempt to make my childhood stuffed dog in 1:12 scale and if I say so myself;
I'm pleased with the result.
But I also used to have a knitted doll Jan Klaassen and that was too difficult for me.
Luckely I know someone who is absolutely amazing at knitting. It's Nella from

So i send her a little picture of me and my doll:

and asked if she could copy it.
Believe it or not, yesterday I received an envelope and a card with inside:

My very own Jan Klaassen!
Mind you he is only 6 cm (2 inch and a little) tall...ehh...small:-)
Isn't he amazing?
And it was a happy get together with Snuffie the stuffed dog!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Nella Breit geweldig.De Hond Heet Snuffie. Mijn hond heette Vroegere Snuffie.

  2. How wonderful a real treasure. Welcome to Blogland!