donderdag 10 november 2011

Absence due to surgery and fair.

Just a quick note to say that I won't be here for a while.

I am very busy getting ready for my first fair!
27th of november at Assen,
finishing all kinds of little things I want to take with me,
wrapping and storing miniatures to go etc.

And on top of that we just heard that my son Tom
needs to go into surgery on wednesday 23th.
He was born with a cleft (11 years ago) and already had two surgery's,
and this time they are going to take some bone from his hip
and put it in his jaw and close the last piece that is still open.

We knew it had to happen any day now, but did they have to pick the 23th?
Hopefully he will be home the 26th though!
But I'm struggeling to get my head around two of these
emotional things going on at the same time,
so decided to at least give myself a break from posting here.

Hope to be back soon!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I wish Tom's surgery is a success and he will be home on Nov. 26. ;)
    May God bless your family.
    I hope the fair will be a great success and you are quiet to enjoy it.

  2. Heel veel sterkte de komende tijd! Vreselijk als je kind een operatie moet hebben, ik zal aan jullie denken. En de beurs wordt vast een groot succes! Denk een beetje aan jezelf in deze drukke en onrustige tijd.

  3. With all my heart I shall pray for Tom's successful operation and wish him a quick recovery.

    Good luck at the fair!


  4. heel veel sterkte gewenst Marieke....dat het nou net zo vlak voor de beurs moet gebeuren!!!
    Ik hoop dat Tom snel weer opknapt na de operatie!!!

    Liefs, Margriet

  5. Todo saldrá bien con la operación de tu hijo, pediré por eso
    Un abrazo