donderdag 3 maart 2011

No more delay

A few months ago, I started to work on a witch house,
as you can read in a previous post.
Since then I've made a ton of witchy miniatures for it and even some furniture, but didn't do very much on the house itself.
I'm (a bit of;-) a perfectionist and the picture in my head of how something should look, is always far better then I can make my projects to look in reality, so I've delayed and delayed starting to work on the house,
beïng afraid to ruin it.
But now I really need shelves, walls and floors to put things on, so...
No more delay...I started with the floor;

On the right there will be a pottery section, so a 'stone' floor is put in, the left side of the house will become the living area and will get a woodboard floor. Will do that next.

Also I want to welcome two more followers:
Peikko from Pienet Maailmat and La Belle Cuisine.
Getting real close to a hundred now;-)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, wat leuk, begonnen aan je heksenhuis!! Maar daarbij hoef je toch niet zo perfectionisctisch te zijn....heksenhuizen moeten juist niet zo perfect zijn LOL Veel plezier met bouwen, het begin ziet er al leuk uit!!!

  2. That is some intricate work there Marieke .. I think that will be very effective finish and well worth the effort ... I'll follow with interest ..Paul

  3. Dit wordt een prachtig vloertje Marieke. Het komt helemaal goed met je heksenhuis...

    groet Heleni

  4. Dat gaat lukken! De vloer zit er nu al geweldig uit. Succes en ik kan niet wachten om de volgende foto's te zien, zet 'm op!