dinsdag 7 september 2010

Back in business!

It has been a while sinds I posted here. Due to my broken hand I wasn't able to make much, but I used my time very well by tidying up my entire workspace (and it was necessary;-)

Now it's clean and open for business again

(Not the best lighting, but you get the idea)

And last week I carefully started to make some things again.
I started with some embellishments because that was easy'er for my hand. If you are interested in those things as well, you can pop over at my paperhobby-blog (it's dutch though;-) http://kukelesaantje.punt.nl/

Now I've started to finish age-ing an euro mini's couch, one of the gezillion ufo's I found cleaning my drawers;-) But seeïng it's my birthday this thursday it will probably be there for a while because I have other things to do, like shopping and baking cake's. But I'll show it to you as soon as it's ready!

I also wanted to show you my dollhouse. It is an original Heartland Hollow, that I bought for a bargain a while ago. It came with all it's original furniture and items.

When it arrived I was so excited, I couldn't stop looking at it. I furnished it and then...
lost interest. I couldn't understand myself, this was what I wanted for so long, what happened?
But during the holiday it dawned on me... it was because it had absolutely nothing of my own.
So I decided I would not keep it in it's original state but alter it to my own likings. I took all the furniture out and as you can see I've started to remove the (ugly) stone flowers surrounding the house. I want to make lights in it and then gradually change it into my dreamhouse;-)
My kids thougth I should do something funny with it as well, so we decided that we would hide several fairy tale stories in it.
If you look very well, you can already see one...good luck finding it;-)

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